Painting Statement

“Painting is by nature a luminous language.”Robert Delaunay

My oil paintings began with a series of monotype prints. Unconsciously, I was attempting to capture a vision from a powerful dream. Landscape became the metaphor of my inward journey. In the process of creating the prints, I found the size of paper didn’t convey the immenseness of feeling.  So I moved from paper to canvas, where I could go as large as I wanted.

This work is about the place where Land and Sky meet.  The land and sky are not of this world but are of an internal & powerful dream world.  They are a vision of a place that I can still see when I close my eyes.

The paintings can be divided into 2 viewpoints. The first viewpoint is from the ground level looking up to the sky and clouds.  The horizon can be high or low in the composition.  The second set of paintings are “Flying”, where the viewer is over and in the clouds. The Flying pieces are about the journey of looking for home.

 In each painting, Land is visible or assumed. Land is the ground of being, it is there, seen or unseen.  All of my paintings are composed of bits of memory. Each painting resonates with place.  These are numinous worlds created from the visceral experience of brush and paint drawn across canvas, the incense of turpentine and the gold light of linseed oil.